very cool site mark! i can read very little Finn –an americanized version — i wish i was fluent. is the background music played by you? my boyfriend is a drummer and loves metal–he will like this website although he can’t understand any of the Finn. do you ever listen to the new blues artists in the usa like kenny wayne shepherd, jonny lang, or the group indigenous? i know you are really into metal but the young blues players idols are metal players and you might like them for their style. anyway i’ll go back to your site and see if i can hear some of your screaming guitar!!!

Thanks! Yes, the background loops are sampled from our debut album “Valu”. I think I’ve heard a song by Jonny Lang but that’s about all I know about the new blues artists. I’ve listened to some of the older ones (King, Vaughan), though. You should find a few poor quality samples of our music in “Tuotanto” -section.